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Photo Guidlines 

The Size of the Photo 

- Most embassies require photograph that is 45mm x 35mm

- Please insure your head is in the centre of the photograph 

- Another exceptional  size is 2 inches x 2 inches 

The Photo background 

- please ensure your photo has a white background

-blue or grey background is not accepted ONLY white background, with no shadow

-photo should not be too bright or too dark

Facial expression 

- Head must be facing the camera, with the head straight 

-Facial expression should be neutral, with eyes open, mouth must be closed and ears visible

-Photo should be recent ( not older than 6 months) 


- Glasses are allowed as long as the eye is visible

- if flash obstructs the view of the eyes, the photo will not be accepted 

- Tinted glasses are not allowed 

- Head covering is allowed as long as it is for religious purposes and may not abstract any facial features 

- Hats and scarf are not allowed 

If you require any assistance or have any question please don't hesitate to contact us 

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